Tips for increasing the security of your mobile applications

The mobile application industry has experienced a constant growth over the past few years. This growth has simplified the process of creating applications. With the advanced methods, intuitive platforms and simpler plugins every person can easily create a mobile application. However, the process of creating or developing a likeable and a truly useful application calls for concerted efforts. Safety is one of the important factors that need to be considered when developing any application. The application created should be safe for your users. This is the main reason why you find many applications asking for personal or sensitive details such as the username and password from the user.

Rigorous testing

Software testing requires one to follow multiple methods. This is meant to ensure that all the important details or bases are well covered. Some of the effective testing methods that are widely used by people include exploratory testing, automated testing, and regression testing. A considerable amount of time should be dedicated to the testing process. This is helpful in preparing the timeline for developing an application. Besides, the testing process is helpful in solving issues faster. Otherwise, the user would end up spending a lot of time revising his or her program once the process is complete.

Using encryption

Encryption is considered as one of the best methods of securing a mobile application. There are some good encryptions such as 256-bit AES system that allows the user to encrypt all the data that is transmitted from his or her device. This will make it difficult for the hackers to sense of steal any data.


This is another fantastic way of keeping track of the user’s progress. Making a complete application will greatly help you in restoring points for your application. The application development process can also be picked up when a particular feature or function fails. This application should be picked up from the latest successful prototypes.

Rolling-out updates regularly

This involves making minor modifications to the application’s source code on a regular basis. You should avoid bugging your users with many updates. Instead, you are advised to roll out regular updates probably once in every month for the removal of bugs.



Using reliable certificates

You should develop an application that is compatible with different types of mobile device. The names of devices that can use your application should be mentioned in the description.  The use of certified devices will help in integrating the application’s source code with the available hardware architecture.


Programming tips that should know

Are you aspiring to become a website developer? Programming is one of the best courses that are pursued by computer science students. Mastering the concepts of programming can assist you in developing your programs or websites even if you are not pursuing a degree in this field. The following are some of the helpful tips that will assist you in learning programming faster.

Avoid using similar variables repeatedly

Most people believe that more memory might be wasted when they declare separate variables for various purpose. However, each program will be typical once debugging is done. This might end up confusing the debugger. Again, a dry -run might fail to work in such instance. You are only allowed to use the same variable if you are writing a small program. Avoid using the same variable when you are writing a complex program.

Using capital letters for variable names

The use of capital letters is helpful in distinguishing between the global variables and the local variables. This will avoid confusion while debugging or dry running.

Declaring all the variables at one place

Declaring a variable in this manner will help the programmer in analysing whether the variables have been declared or not. It is extremely difficult to achieve a proper manner in your programming if decide to declare these variables at different locations. Variable are usually defined below your function declaration.

The whole program should be properly indented

Proper indenting will help you in understanding your program and the logic behind the different statements. This is one of the best practices of writing functions, conditional statements, and iterations. Again, your mind should be properly demarcated when you are writing a program: you should follow the same concept throughout your program.

Avoid using labels

Labels are used in some of the simple programming languages. However, the use of these labels is highly discouraged as it can overburden the operating system. Labels should, therefore, be avoided.

Avoid declaring unused variables or functions

This is one of the prohibited practices in programming. Avoid declaring a variable that is going to be used anywhere in your program. This should also be checked when going through dry-run.

Use of comments

It is very important to comment on a program. Sometimes understanding the logic behind the coding section might become very tedious especially after making new amendments or after debugging a program. This is why it becomes necessary to make comments in a program.

Avoid learning programs

Every programmer should develop his or her logic. Otherwise, your ideas might not reach the destination if they are not flowing. Programmers are advised to write programs based on their logic instead of learning the old algorithm.


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