Information About TDK Systems – Corporate Overview, Technology Research<

TDK Systems was founded in 1992 to design, develop, manufacture, and market peripheral products for the domestic and global portable computing marketplace. Today, TDK Systems is developing a rapidly growing family of PC Card (PCMCIA) products, offering end users increased functionality and performance combined with quality at competitive prices.

TDK Systems Corporate Overview

TDK is most commonly known for being the world’s largest supplier of audio and videotape products. However, only 30% of TDK’s $5 billion plus in annual sales represents audio/videotape products, while the majority of sales (70%) is comprised of electronic components and materials. Regardless of which product, 26,000 employees worldwide work to bring you the highest quality. And, to further ensure this quality, TDK, being highly vertically integrated and with an extensive background in electronics, controls every stage of manufacturing.

What’s more, TDK Systems was instrumental in founding and has chaired the modem technical subcommittee of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), and has been a driving force behind this technical standard. This group also participated in establishing standard I/O Connectors for modem and LAN PC Cards. This extensive involvement has resulted in standard logical interface structures (CIS) and descriptions for modem and LAN PC Card facilities to ensure platform and applications portability of the communications cards. TDK Systems has consequently been the first to incorporate many of these standards in its expanding product line. For example, TDK developed the tooling used for its card frames and covers,and manufactures many of the components used in the card’s internal design. TDK’s own research and development group is responsible for the card’s firmware and hardware design, providing distinct advantages in features, support, and quality. TDK also maintains an automated, surface mount manufacturing facility, dedicated to high-volume PC Card products.

Technology Research at TDK Systems

TDK Systems is an innovator in PC Card technology. Our significant investment in technology research includes setting industry standards and offering features not found in any other data/fax modem and LAN PC cards. Some highlights of our advanced technology include:

First PC Card with Voiceview Technology

The industry’s first and fastest 28.8 Kbit/sec PC Card

V.34 international standard – the first for Macintosh PowerBook

Flash memory-based PC Cards for user upgradable software

Break-away feature to prevent PC card damage from pulled cords

Innovative Global Class data/fax modem PC Card usable around the world

The industry’s first Fast Ethernet 32-bit CardBus card

The first 3.3 volt Lower Power LAN Card
Our Product Philosophy

TDK Systems offers a complete product line of data/fax modem and LAN PC cards. These products are available in both PC and Macintosh formats.