TDK Systems Technical Research Overview – CardBus Development, TDK’s UltraPort™ communication port interface technology, V.34, PCMCIA and more

TDK Systems was founded in 1992 to design, develop, manufacture, and market peripheral products for the domestic and global portable computing marketplace. Today, TDK Systems is developing a rapidly growing family of PC Card (PCMCIA) products, offering end users increased functionality and performance combined with quality at competitive prices.

TDK Systems Breaks New Ground with its New 32-bit CardBus Development

CardBus is the latest in a series of specifications from PCMCIA. CardBus introduces several important new capabilities and features to PC Card applications such as 32-bit bandwidth, reduced energy consumption and Bus-mastering. The CardBus interface will enable many new PC Card applications from TDK Systems such as the new Network Flyer™ 100, a true100BaseTX Fast Ethernet PC Card.

Highest Performance with TDK Systems’ UltraPort™ Interface

Most modem performance is limited by the communication port interface. TDK’s UltraPort™ technology breaks the serial bottleneck by allowing faster data transfers with up to 250,000 bits per second! Ultraport™ technology does not require special drivers or software making it the easiest way to speed through uploads and downloads. This feature is currently available on TDK’s CyberExpress™ 3000, DataVoice™ 3400 and Global Networker™ 3410 adn 3412 PC Cards.

A PTT-compliant Solution for the Global Traveller

We developed the Global-Class modem specifically to allow international business travelers to comply with the country-specific PTT requirements for connection of their modem to the telephone network during visits. For the first time, PTT’s can now be reasonably assured that visitors with such compliant and registered modems will honor their network requirements.

LAN Compatibility Guarantee

TDK Systems guarantees its innovative Modem and LAN PC Cards to be 100% compatible with every popular laptop. Ethernet LAN PC Cards are compatible with every major network operating system.

TDK Systems Driving Force in Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

TDK Systems was instrumental in founding and has chaired the modem technical subcommittee of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), and has been a driving force behind this technical standard. This group also participated in establishing standard I/O Connectors for modem and LAN PC Cards.

V.34 is Important Standard at TDK Systems

TDK Systems utilizes the new modem standard V.34 supporting data transmission speeds of 33,600 bps. This newly approved International Telecommunications Union V.34 standard increases data transfer rates by allowing the modem to communicate parameters with the telephone network.