Diagnosing power supply problems

A power supply is used for converting the household’s current into a low DC voltage that can be used by computers. Someone cannot execute any activity using his or computer if the power supply fails. This device should always be inspected once it develops a problem. Troubleshooting is done by double checking all the connections.

This means that it is very important for every person to learn and understand how the power supply is replaced when there is a need. This can greatly help you when you are at home or in business. The simple pleasure or process of turning on the PC on should not be taken for granted. Sometimes you might turn on your computer only for it to reboot itself after some time. If this continues persistently, then your power system could be the culprit. The following are some of the items that need to be checked whenever your computer’s power supply is not functioning.

Re-booting problems

Re-booting of the computer without warning is one of the major problems that are associated with ailing power supplies. All the information is lost when this happens. Booting errors that occur immediately when a computer first up indicates that the computer’s power supply has some serious issues.

When there is no power to your computer

In such a scenario, you are supposed to check the power outlet. You can do this by connecting a different device to establish if power is present. If power is there, then you should open your PC to check for power. Check if the PC is supplying power to the motherboard. The voltage level can be checked using a multimeter.


Power distribution problems

These are power failures that occur when you have some of the devices having power and others with no power. For instance, your CDROM dive might receive power while the hard drive has no power. The issue if intermittent power is another headache that coils lead to re-booting of your device.

Check your power supply

You should always ensure that your motherboard connection is secure. The output of the power supply should be tested using a multimeter. This test should also be conducted when you are purchasing a power supply.


Steps followed when testing the power supply

Turning off the PC without unplugging it and then opening your system unit
Set your multimeter reading to a value higher than twelve volts
Then locate the power connector that is similar to the cdrom connector or hard drive that is not in use. Finally turn on your PC. This is followed by inserting a black probe into your power connector. The reading from the voltmeter should be + 12volts. This reading should be + 5 volts when the yellow wire is connected to the RED probe. The power supply should be replaced when your multimeter records different readings.