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Specs to consider for best gaming monitors

Gaming has for a long time attracted rapid craze from interested gamers as time goes by. During the early years when software for game programming weren’t optimized, display graphics were a huge turn-off, and no one speculated it would at one time reach the level it currently is. Most gamers nowadays are presented with much more realistic visual graphics to interact and control making them more drawn and carried away during gameplay. Since designing such heavy graphics requires bulkiness of detail definitions, then optimized machines are needed to play the games smoothly.

Nowadays we have dedicated machines explicitly built for playing games and rendering of heavy graphics. Specs ofcomputer sets on desk components mounted on these devices are incomparable to other ordinary machines, and each component in those machines is critical in facilitating gameplays. Not alone do the internal components facilitate the smooth running of games, but also the type of monitor display is also essential. Very few monitors that aren’t designed for gameplays can demonstrate clear and appealing displays. To prompt the appeal of a game being played, dedicated monitors for gaming are a crucial additional. The best gaming monitor can be acquired from renowned distributors like esport source. For those who don’t know how to determine optimal gaming monitors to cater their gaming needs, then below is an explanation of the specs to check.


Monitor response rate

Monitor response rate is the rate or frequency at which your screen updates. It’s quite a crucial consideration because of the effect this spec contributes to the display. Lower response rate means faster screen update. Usually, it’s advisable to look for a screen with a response rate of not more than 8ms.


Screen resolution

Screen resolution means the clarity of your monitor display. For a standard screen resolution, don’t go for anything less than 1080P HD display. Look for screens with 1080P resolutions and higher.


Screen size

Size is also a huge consideration. You wouldn’t prefer a very tiny screen whereby for the gamer to see clearly, he/she must crane towards the screen or strain to have a glimpse of the game progress. It’s advisable to go for a screen with a size of 24 inches and above. Some games also require more powerful monitors and hardware properties that won’t be supported with a small screen.


Refresh frequency

computersRefresh rate is not response rate as most people like to confuse the two. Refresh rates that are high mean high frame rates that facilitate graphical transitions and prevent graphical tearing and unresponsive gameplays. Always confirm if the refresh rate of your screen is 60Hz and higher. Monitors with higher response rates are the best.