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Why You Should Use Gmail for Faxing

Gmail faxing is relatively new and probably the best way of sending and receiving faxes. It involves the use of online faxing services to send faxes in a manner that is almost similar to emails. There are many benefits of using Gmail for faxing, some of which are highlighted below.

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Easy of Use

Faxing via Gmail is quite simple and does not require a lot. There is no fax machine required, eliminating the hustle of dealing with the fax machines. All you need to send the fax is access to an internet connection. You can send and receive fax even from your smartphone while you are away from the office.

Cost Effective

Using Gmail for faxing in your businesses will help to lower your expenses and result in higher profits. This is because Gmail does not charge anything for the services. You also do not have to invest in the expensive fax machines that can strain your budget if you are running a small business. With that, you get to avoid all the costs associated with fax machines such as maintenance and repairs or power bills.

Document Clarity

The traditional way of sending faxes requires the documents to be scanned before sending. The scanning process usually tampers with the quality and clarity of your documents. With Gmail, you can send the documents directly from your computing device. The recipient will thus get paperwork that is of high quality and very clear. The documents also appear more professional.

Easy Access

The conventional method of faxing makes it a bit difficult to trace faxes. If you send free fax from email, you can easily retrieve any fax, irrespective of when it was sent. You also get notifications in your Gmail account for every fax that you send or receive, which makes it easy to keep track of all faxes.

cloud storageCloud Storage

In the past, faxes could only be stored on papers. Receiving many faxes meant that you had to allocate quite a significant amount of storage space for them. With Gmail faxing services, you get to enjoy cloud storage where all the faxes can be stored safely. This means less paperwork and more space in your office.

File Conversion

Gmail faxing services can support quite a wide variety of file formats. It can also convert any file format to the most appropriate format for faxing, in case your file is not in a supported format. The conversion process is automatic.