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Gmail Fax: Modern Business Cost Management

There was a time when a business entity couldn’t operate without a fax machine. The machine was an essential part of day-to-day communication, and this meant that a business enterprise had to invest in one if it was to handle both internal and external communication efficiently.

Note that the machines were not cheap and neither was the cost of maintaining them. They hiked overhead bills and called for expensive repair and maintenance especially for the large commercial entities that required numerous fax machines to satisfy their fax messaging needs.

The rise of the e-mail platform and other online communication channels have taken away the need for fax services. However, there are still instances when you may need to use a fax machine. Medical establishments and legal entities still rely heavily on fax facilities. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a lawyer or a doctor to send fax messages from time to time because there are also government institutions that use fax messaging services and you’ll never know when you might want to contact them for specific services.

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Modern Faxing

Gmail fax is one of the most popular ways to send a fax message because you don’t need a fax machine to use this service. It transforms your computer and your Gmail account into one. You can forget about high electricity bills as well as the cost of repair and maintenance that comes with operating an actual fax machine. It is also relatively easy to use compared to modern fax machines that incorporate printers and fixed-line phone functions.

How It Works

Using Gmail fax is as easy as using your ordinary email account. All you need to do is to log into your Gmail account and click on the compose button that’s found on the upper left corner of the user interface. The next step is to enter the recipient’s fax number with a suffix that looks something like @efaxsend.com or rcfax.com instead of the usual @gmail.com.

If you wish to send a bunch of legal or medical documents that are already in soft copy form, you can do so by attaching the files to the fax the same way you send email attachments. If the documents to be sent are in the hard copy format, then you will need to scan them and load them into your computer before sending them as DOC, PDF, JPG, XLS or TXT files. Note that you have to ensure that each attachment isn’t bigger than 20MBs or else sending or receiving the fax may take longer and frustrate your efforts especially if the Gmail fax message that you wish to send is urgent.

The cost of sending a Gmail fax is minimal compared to that of ordinary fax services. In addition to this, you get a 30-day free trial. This means that you can test whether the services suit your needs before jumping on board as a paying member of the online Gmail fax community. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed in this instance since this is a value-adding service from Google, eFax, and RingCentral.

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Important Tips On How To Build a 7-figure Business

Are you planning to start a business? If yes, then am sure you have the required resources for your business. However, when you want to start your business, it is essential to sit down and think of the best type of business you need to start. This is because most enterprises fail due to lack of research. Therefore, it is not advisable to fail in any business you need to carry out. Make sure that you research and at least you know some of the elements to put into an account.

Due to the advances in technology, most people or entrepreneurs like online businesses. This is because there are many advantages they get as business people when marketing their products via online. The following therefore are some of the ways on how to build a 7-figure business.

Pay attention to conative

2 people have coffee breakIt is essential to know that conative is the source of our mental energy. You may wonder how this is related to business. But it is crucial to know that this part of our mind deals with the natural tendency to give and strive effort toward our daily activities. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you are required to use your energy and time efficiently.

Many entrepreneurs make a mistake of not using their energy wisely. Therefore, entrepreneurs must ensure that they can do what they know best and avoid some of the things that are likely to take their power away. If you want to achieve maximum productivity, make sure that you work with your conative energy.

Have the right system and people in the process

If you want to achieve your business objectives, it is advisable to consider hiring the best team and also ensure that you have the latest business machines. If you have these in place, then you are likely to gain a lot when it comes to productivity.

Operate with an innovation mindsetonline shopping

As an entrepreneur, it is advisable to understand that failure is a possibility but not an option. This means that you should be business minded if you want to turn out successful. Also, ensure that you do not pay attention to your competitors or competition. This is because you may end up being distracted and therefore lessen your ability to differentiate.

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Technology Products That Have Positively Influenced Banking

We all trust banks because they are the most secure place where you can keep your money. Keeping money at home can be risky because of the several dangers or accidents one can encounter. Your house can go up in flames anytime, and your money may get burnt in the process. The chances of getting robbed are high when you walk with cash around. You should bank your cash for safety reasons. Banks also lend money to customers they find eligible. One can borrow money from the banks in times of urgency. The evolution of technology has helped make the life of man easier.

Banking institutions have neither been left behind because they have adopted the use of modern technology for their services. There are mobileATM Machine applications and internet banking software that can be used by customers and banks respectively. Mobile banking applications are downloaded on smartphones, and one can use them to access services from their bank anywhere and anytime they want. They are easy to use and highly secure. Banking software is used to help banks carry out some of their essential operations like customer transactions. Various technological innovations have helped make banking more accessible. Here are some of them and how they have impacted the banking sector.

Automated Teller Machines

Popularly known as the ATM, they have helped make the banking process easier. This is a machine used to withdraw money. It can detect a credit or debit card and respond to commands by whoever is using it at the moment. There is no need for a physical teller because this machine can perform all the transactions. Most ATMs are meant to function 24 hours a day.


E-banking ServicesYou can now pay some of your bills online through your bank. Some banks have set up an e-billing option on their sites and mobile banking applications to enable them to pay their bills online. One can now pay their electricity, water, TV bills among others online. There is no need to queue for long hours to make payments to your service providers,

Money Transfer

You can send or receive money to and from your friends and loved ones in different parts of the world. Some banks work closely with companies that offer international money transfer services where you can link your account and make international payments. It is a fast process unlike in the past where the money would be sent through postal services or other transfer methods.